16 December 2014

AB AETERNO per l’Africa

A Saturday night in the name of solidarity. Saturday, November 15th, AB AETERNO attended the event organized in Verona in favor of the African communities in Mozambique. Our company, that has always been sensitive to environmental issues, decided this time to support Giovanna Fakes from Verona in her humanitarian mission. Giovanna spent one year and half living with the community of the Cavà, looking after children in difficulty, and more. Thanks to the help given so far, and the efforts of our missionaries, these people are allowed to study, work and take part in many activities. The event organized was a great response both in participation and solidarity. The money raised will be donated directly to the diocesan mission Cavà , where there are over Giovanna, two Fidei Donum priests , Father Silvano Daldosso and Don Simone Zanini . It’s hard to describe reality, so large and complex , but together we can be part of a great help.

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