25 June 2015

AB AETERNO per l’Associazione dello Sviluppo della Guinea Bissau

AB AETERNO will be the official partner of the Charity Gala organized by the Guinea Bissau Development Association.

Starting from 7.30 pm, the charity dinner gala will take place on June 27th at Hotel Parchi del Garda (near Verona).

The aim of the non-profit fundraising event is to raise money for the purchasing of some medical devices able to produce a special nutritional cream to reduce the childhood malnutrition and help people affected to weakening diseases.

During the dinner it will be possible to purchase tickets for the charity lottery and win exclusive prizes, among which two AB AETERNO watches.

The collaboration with the Guinea Bissau Development Association is part to the AB AETERNO corporate social responsibility annual plan. The will is to help local organizations that are promoting considerable projects for economic and social improvement of the poorest countries in the world such as Guinea Bissau.

For more info: www.madrugadagb.org

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