News 21 May 2018

We are plased to announce that AB AETERNO will be at JCK this year,...

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News 12 December 2017
AB AETERNO vince il “Bando di Concorso FedEx per le PMI”

We are proud to announce that AB AETERNO won the first place of the...

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News 14 September 2017
Un Palco Per Saturno

On the occasion of the launch of the new CASSINI 412, inspired by the...

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News 12 September 2017

A special night to celebrate the Summer and our new Fenix Collection, available in...

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News 4 August 2017
Pausa Estiva

Due to the summer break all the orders received from 07 to 25 August...

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News 25 July 2017
Spedizioni su Misura

Thanks to the partnership with DHL, AB AETERNO is pleased to now offer the...

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News 2 May 2017
Happy Bean

On the occasion of the “National Tree Planting Day” (Sikmogil, 식목일), a renowned event...

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News 2 May 2017
Confezione Regalo

To render your purchase even more special, AB AETERNO offers the possibility to choose...

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News 20 March 2017

Take advantage of a 20% discount on the Harmony Collection and Harmony Nato Collection....

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News 3 February 2017
Show Your Love

A special occasion requires a special present. Create the perfect gift for you and...

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