21 Mai 2018


We are plased to announce that AB AETERNO will be at JCK this year, an internationally renowned fair dedicated to the world of jewellery, watches and luxury that will run from June 1 to 4, 2018 in Las Vegas.

We’ve chosen JCK as the ideal stage for the preview of our new RE-WATCH Collection, the world’s first line of watches realised in recycled materials.

Pre- and Post- industrial consumption materials are selected and worked using innovative techniques that give new life to the materials as well as an artistic, sustainable and symbolic value. Our mission is to fashion a new idea of luxury, sustainable luxury. Our timepieces are symbolic of an environmentally conscious choice for the preservation of our planet and natural resources.

With the RE-WATCH Collection, AB AETERNO is aiming to design a new concept of time and of watchmaking that ties into the idea of a circular economy, where resources and materials do not go to waste, but are brought back to life to tell their own story. These are highly debated topics in our present day and age, a period in which our seas and our ecosystem are at risk due to industrial development. As a consequence, many brands and associations have been actively working to collect objects and materials to be re-worked, creating new uses or regenerating them in true upcycling fashion, a contemporary form of art that calls for creativity and inventiveness in the generation of cutting-edge products and accessories.

The principles of upcycling and the circular economy have inspired the birth of our vanguard collection of watches, the outcome of an attentive scouting of certified suppliers worldwide, of innovative, high-quality and hypoallergenic materials.

Our designers couple research with form, technical aspects with the latest trends, enhancing the characteristics of the materials utilised and their unique past. The collection is comprised of different lines and models, each of which visually tells the story of its materials. They are timeless stories, symbolic of a choice of eco-luxury, and they naturally adapt to different styles and personalities.

Many thanks from the AB AETERNO Team

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