News 1 September 2015
Un Grazie Speciale a Tutti Voi!

In this post I don’t want to talk about our collections or one of...

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Exhibitions 9 August 2015
Canadian Jewellery Expos

Our sales team will take part to the Canadian Jewellery Expo in Toronto (Canada) from the...

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News 7 August 2015
AB AETERNO partecipa alla Canadian Jewellery Expos

Our sales team will take part to the Canadian Jewellery Expo in Toronto (Canada)...

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News 29 July 2015
THE AFTERGLOW by Guillermo Paleo

San Juan – Puerto Rico. A selection of the best photoshoots of the Puerto...

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News 13 July 2015
AB AETERNO per Fast-Fix

Our sales team went to United States taking part to the Fast-Fix Jewelry &...

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Exhibitions 11 July 2015
Fast-Fix Convention

Our sales team went to the United States to take part in the Fast-Fix...

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News 6 July 2015
AB AETERNO sbarca in Giappone

AB AETERNO watches will be soon available also in Japan. It will be possible...

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News 29 June 2015
Wind Green Awards: il premio per le idee sostenibili

Wind Green Awards is a business competition dedicated to the best startup and projects...

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News 25 June 2015
AB AETERNO per l’Associazione dello Sviluppo della Guinea Bissau

AB AETERNO will be the official partner of the Charity Gala organized by the...

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News 22 May 2015
AB AETERNO e il Sodalizio con il Mondo del Golf

Satuday 16th May was held the GolfLoser Championship, a golf tournament which involved more than...

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News 12 May 2015
AB AETERNO, gli orologi di Colorado!

The Italian showman Paolo Ruffini choose AB AETERNO watches for his look during the...

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News 7 May 2015
Tutta la Magia della Natura per la Festa della Mamma

The perfect gift that resist more than a bouquet and it doesn’t need neither...

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