Sailing time

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June 2018

Time is of the essence on sailboats

There is a special link connecting wristwatches and sailing.
Time is essential on sailboats. Each manoeuvre must be performed at just the right time and in coordination with the rest of the crew. Both physical and mental competence aboard require adequate preparation time, just as every wooden wristwatch requires the right amount of time before it’s ready.

AB AETERNO has followed the stories of 3 young sailors, Silvia Speri, Leonardo Camatta and Umberto Barbieri and their passion for the sport as well as the many, constant sacrifices they’ve had to make in order to obtain results.

“Sailing has taught me respect, both for people and for nature, and particularly for water”.

@Umberto Barbieri for AB AETERNO

AF Corse

Ab Aeterno & Sport
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May 2015

Men’s most-loved jewels

The wristwatch represents the jewel for men, par excellence. Cars too, especially luxury and sports automobiles, are among some of the most admired jewels for a male audience. The link between watches and the world of automobiles is made of passion and challenges, both against an opponent on the racetrack or against the chronometer.
AF Corse is the Italian team founded in 2002, and at ESTORIL in May 2015, AB AETERNO witnessed two victories and various medals for AF Corse’s Ferrari 458 Italy.

Golf time

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November 2017

Style, elegance and precision

Wristwatches and golf tournaments are linked by an intimate, lasting relationship as they both represent two icons of time, elegance and timeless style.
On the golf course emotions are high during a tournament, recounts Matilde Troiani, and the passing of time marks the most memorable moments.
A golfer’s movements must demonstrate elegance, precision, reliability and resilience during the game, just like AB ABAETERNO’s watches are recognised for their elegant and unmistakable style.