Within the ateliers of Sorrento, an ancient art form still thrives: that of Sorrentine marquetry. An artisanal technique for woodworking that has been passed down generation after generation and is renowned the world over.
These days it is practiced by but a few master artisans, a symbol of local tradition.

Its appeal is most certainly obtained by virtue of its lengthy and scrupulous production process; one that could not be reproduced with machinery. The various colours, tonality and consistencies of the wood are first cut into long pieces, then glued together, and finally moulded according to the desired design contours.

The inlay tradition has been employed in the realisation of furniture and furnishing embellishments as well as elegant accessories.

The Collection

With the AB AETERNO Special Edition, realised in collaboration with the historic Bottega del Gioiello in Sorrento, this exquisite technique will be utilised in the world of watchmaking for the first time.

This is how such a particular watch was born, in a limited edition collection available in maple and red sandalwood. A harmonious blend of the elegance of a nineteenth-century art form with a modern, eco-friendly design, it is a watch that tells the tale of Sorrento and of an age-old technique used in the working of wood and of our earth.