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Our mission is to shape the natural material into new products with a high eco-innovative value, recreating an experience, symbol of a lifestyle, which embodies and tells all the beauty and history of the natural elements.


The assembly of each and every element of an AB AETERNO timepiece takes place in Italy and is entrusted to the able hands our of our master watchmakers, who fashion the materials and bring to life watches that seem alive and capable of telling their tale.


We rely on artisans who hold an authentic passion for their work, handed down from generation to generation. Tradition combined with innovation, combined with skill in the choice of materials. These skills are revealed in the care for every detail.


Australia, summer 2012.
Marco Tommasoni develops the idea of a watch made with natural materials. Once intuition is brought to Italy, design and production become Made in Italy: this is how AB AETERNO is born.

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